10 Tips on Preparing Your Child for SATs

Many parents up and down the country are becoming anxious on their child’s SATs exams that are fast approaching. Well, if you as a parent give your child the correct support then they will be able to achieve those levels that they are capable of. Below are a few ideas on how to prepare your child for their SATs.


  1. Timetable: Make a timetable so your child will know what they will be doing, and when they will be doing it. Thereafter, stick to it by arranging other family activities such as shopping around it.
  2. Chores: If your child carries out chores around the house then give them leeway.
  3. Patient: Your child will be getting pressure from school and will be feeling pressure from you too, leading to your child having mood swings. Be patient and rectify with love and kindness. 
  4. Positive: Your positive language may it be verbal or body language will have a great impact on your child’s self belief. If you give them the self belief they will achieve great things.
  5. Environment: Provide your child with a quiet place to work away from the TV and interruptions of siblings. Your child should study where you can supervise them and oversee what they are doing too.
  6. Equipment: Ensure your has the correct equipment – pens, compasses or highlighters. This takes away the last minute stress of not being prepared.
  7. Treats and Fun: Each week treat your child for working hard depending on what motivates them such as taking them for a meal, buying them snacks that they enjoy or doing an activity they like such as going to the park.
  8. Breakfast: A good breakfast will ensure your child will focus in school and get more learning done.
  9. Communication: Talk to your child and listen to what they are saying. Let your child know that you love them, respect their efforts, and will be there to support them regardless of their results.
  10. I did say 10 but I will let you finish it off by you adding your top tip.

Remember you sharing your top tip may help someone else. I can’t wait to read your response!


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