All The Girls Go Missing From The Assembly! Where Did They Go?

Friday morning and year 11’s assembly taking place. As normal, the students line up outside in the playground, in register order, with diaries out and the form tutors inspect the uniform of the students. Some might think it is an army camp rather then a school. The Head of Year appears, blows his whistle and the students fall silent. He instructs another teacher to let them in while he rushes to the assembly hall.

There is a special assembly today regarding International Women’s Day which is going to be delivered by a Humanities teacher. The first class come into the hall in silence, the Head of Year pulls a student out as he has trainers on. The next class comes in an orderly manner and sit down quietly. The third class comes in and the Head of Year notices that 50% of the class is missing. The fourth class comes in and now the Head of Year realises that the all the girls are missing which he realises was the case for the previous class too.


The Head of Year asks a boy in the class, “Where is the rest of the class?” The boy replies, “All the girls were told to go to form class and not come to the assembly.” At this point there is confusion and commotion in the hall as the students realise that there something is happening. One student gets a bit roady with laughter and the Head of Year shouts out, “So and so make your way to the Key Stage 4 office now.” He leaves and the hall falls back to silence. Thereafter, the remaining six classes that enter the theatre are 50% empty as the girls did not show up. While these classes are coming into the theatre the Deputy Head teacher appears and realises that the attendance is very low and asks, Where are all the students?” The Head of Year replies, “The girls have gone to their form classes.” He demands, “You go and get them all down here now, and I will supervise the students in here!”

The Head of Year rushes out and get all the missing students to come down to the hall for assembly. The remaining students come down, the assembly on International Women’s Day has already started while the students enter in silence to take their seats. The assembly finishes and the students go off to their lessons.


An investigation occurs with the following conclusion:

– A form teacher who was taking her class to the hall saw all the girls coming back from the class that went in prior to her one. The girls returning tell her, “Girls are meant to be in form classrooms as there is a special assembly for boys only.”
– The teacher gets the girls from her class to return and spreads this message to the class that is following her one. This causes a ripple effect where the girls from the remaining classes go back to their classrooms.
– It turns out that the girls that told the teacher they had to return, were told by a boy who we will call student X. He had started a rumour as a practical joke that the assembly is only for boys and the girls needed to return back.
– The practical joke paid off which created chaos and confusion on this Friday morning.

The above is a true story. From one aspect it is funny as the practical joke went to plan by a mischievous boy but the Head of Year was stressed out while all this happened, and the Humanities teacher’s assembly and students that were present was spoilt with the constant interruptions of students entering the hall. So my question to you is what should the punishment of Student X be and why? You may think we should just laugh it off and give him credit for a joke that paid off or you may think he needs to be sanctioned. If so what should the sanction be?

Please leave a reply below.

Also, make this go viral and let the world know of this incident so they can have a laugh and leave a reply on what sanction to apply. I forgot to tell you that I’m the Head of Year and your replies may influence my decision!

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