I Don’t Need Maths!

clockThe alarm on my phone rings… it’s 6am and time to wake up. No, let’s snooze but guess what… it rings 5 minutes later. Sloooowly but eventually, 10 minutes later to be precise, I get out of bed and make my way to the bath room.

bath-2192_960_720Finish a number 2 (a pooh) and the stink nearly makes me unconscious! Use the dual flush in the toilet with the 6 litre volume flush rather than the 3 litre one. Make sure there are no signs left accept the smell. Get into the shower and turn the tap 45 degrees clock wise. The water gushes out at 60 degrees celsius.  A quick 5 minute shower and it’s nearly 6.40am.

stairsGet my clean clothes on and rush down the 14 steps of my stair case. That was a 3 seconds sprint which probably did not make much difference to my day. Thank God for my wife of 13 years who has the breakfast ready… half a pint of hot milk with 1 toast and a bowl of Coco Pops.

Time’s nearly 7am… it’s time to leave to go to work and earn that 6 figure sum (that is when it is turned into US dollars as the exchange rate that day was  £1 = $1.60) need to pay for my needs. speedometerGet in the BMW X5 which is a year old and at turtle pace of 5mph drive down the highway to join the rat race.


Guess what … I forgot to brush my 32 teeth!


First hour of my day and Maths is everywhere!

Let me know what you have forgotten to do before leaving home in the comment section below!

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