To Make Or Not Make a New Years Resolution?

I thought I would share some New Year’s Resolutions that people make:

  • I will lose weight by going to the gym.
  • I will save £x amount this year.
  • I will buy a new car.
  • I will buy a new house.

And guess what? Usually they are never followed through.

Therefore, I make a resolution each and every day:

  • I will make a change to peoples lives… may it be by smiling at someone, say a kind word, help someone with a task or improve someones life chances through education.

As Muhammad Ali said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

It turns out to be quite a few New Day’s Resolutions!

What is going to be your one?

Please leave a reply below. You may inspire someone today with your reply!

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