Young People Are Stupid!

I want to share one of my recent experiences. Here I go.skating-23797_640

I hear my daughter cry outside the house. I go outside a see her on the ground crying as she has fallen down while roller skating. I go up to her to get her up but when she sees me, she starts to cry louder. In a fit of rage I hollow at her, “You STUPID girl, why roller skates?” One of the kids in the neighbourhood called Cameron who is 5 years old looks at me, calmly and politely he says, “She is not stupid!”

I give him a stare and bite my tongue. I tell my daughter to get her roller skates off. She takes them off. I grab them and throw them into the storage section in the outside part of the house. Cameron again calmly and politely says, “You should not throw things but put things back nicely.” As I get my daughter into the house I am left speechless.inline-skating-99101_640

I was really impressed with this young boy who had taught a lesson or two:

  • We as adults can learn much from our young people in our society.
  • Manners do not cost anything and we don’t need to be academically clever to have them.
  • Anger is a disease and needs to be controlled.
  • The strong one is not the one who can lift 100kg but is the one who can control their anger.
  • We should build confidence in our young people rather than break their confidence through shouting and putting them down.
  • No point in writing this or reading this if we cannot implement it… today there is much knowledge but very little action.

So what has this got to do with Maths? I guess nothing, but there is more to life than just being good at Maths, English or Science… Having good character, morals and conduct is something young and old should strive to implement in their lives!

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