Teacher tells a child, “You’re a dog!”


It is Thursday evening with a student called Jay and his mother who are attending their Business Studies parents evening with myself.

As I am giving the parent her child’s report I look at Jay and say, “You’re a dog!”

Jay replied back in a polite manner, “No sir.”


I look at the mum and she looks puzzled but does not say anything.

Friday comes and goes, the weekend comes and goes, and on Monday morning I am teaching Jay, who says, “Sir, yesterday evening out of nowhere my mum asked me why my teacher called me a dog.”

I asked, “Did you tell her the reason.”

He replied back saying, “Yes I did.”


Read on to find out more on why the child was called a dog…

After the December mock exams I asked the students in my class if they had an opportunity to be a dog or deer, which one would they choose. Some replied back saying they would be a dog and others replied back saying they would be a deer. Thereafter I told the class a story…

Once there was a hunter going out hunting with his dog. The hunter saw a deer in the forest, and told the dog to give chase. The dog started running through the forest and as he got near the deer started barking. The deer saw the dog running and barking towards him, the deer stricken by fear started running away from the dog. However, the dog had powerful, chunky and muscular legs while the deer had skinny legs like twigs. The dog started making headway towards the deer was pouncing distance away. The deer gave a quick look back and saw the dog at his tail… when all of a sudden the deer got this extra speed from somewhere and outpaced the dog leaving him in his trail.

A man was walking through the forest and saw this whole scenario and was amazed that the deer with skinny twig legs out paced the dog with chunky and muscular legs and was in deep thought when he bumped into the deer. The following conversation took place:

Man: That was amazing!

Deer: What was amazing?

Man: You outpacing the dog!

Deer: Why?

Man: Because you have skinny legs like twigs and the dog had chunky and muscular legs. The dog should’ve caught you.

Deer: That’s not strange… that was expected.

Man: Why?

Deer: Well, I was running because I had to run while the dog was running because he was told to run!

Moral of the story is that if you are a deer you will do things such as study for yourself and excel however, if you do things because of parents, teachers, peers and friends then you will never reach you optimum and will fall short of what you could have achieved.

After this all the students made a decision that from that day onwards they will be a deer.


So what are you… a dog or deer?


Leave your reply below on funny or strange moments during your own parents evening, your child’s parents evening or your student’s parents evening.


Can’t wait for your replies.

8 thoughts on “Teacher tells a child, “You’re a dog!”

  1. I am definitely a deer. I think out of the box and I no longer try to please everyone else.

    It is so important to look at our motives for learning. You are a smart teacher to point these differences out to your students.

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